Wholesale supplies of birch lumber

We produce and deliver unedged and planed boards and elements to the countries of the European Union and the CIS.

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  • High quality products - more than 15 years on the market
  • Own logistic service - delivery to EU and CIS
  • Stability of supply - any volume of sawn timber
  • Favorable conditions for regular customers

About us

The company “Safonovskiy Lespromkhoz” LLC was founded in 2001. The main activities were the supply of veneer logs and sawn timber for export. Until 2007, the company was engaged in sawing and supplying softwood lumber.

Since 2008, we have entirely switched to the production of only birch lumber. The volume of raw material processed per year is 40,000 m3. In 2020, modern drying chambers were launched.

At present the company produces and supplies unedged and edged birch sawn timber of natural moisture content, dried sawn timber, as well as waste from our sawmill production in the form of chips and sawdust. We have our own vehicle fleet with a cargo floor system for transporting bulk cargo. The average number of employees of the enterprise is about 100 people.

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